For LEAG GROUP S.A. to offer a personalized experience to LEAG GROUP Users, considering their preferences and personal interests, it is important that we count on your information. For this reason, we are committed to taking care of your privacy.
This Privacy Policy clarifies to the Users how their data and personal information will/power be used by LEAG GROUP, to ensure the security of the information provided and obtained via the platform.

    1. The LEAG GROUP platform is hosted by Amazon Web Service (AWS). The data collected by LEAG GROUP is stored in this third party's environment and its treatment is protected and secure according to the policies and measures adopted by this server.
    2. By accessing information, contents and functionalities of LEAG GROUP, the User accepts and fully agrees with the provisions of this Privacy Policy, whether as a Visitor accessing the platform without promoting the registration, or as a Registered User or as a Member of a Network and holder of a LEAG GROUP Page.
    3. Any individual or legal entity must read, understand and accept all the conditions set forth in this Privacy Policy before browsing LEAG GROUP and/or promoting your registration as a User (Administrator, Member or Visitor).
    4. It is very important that the User reads and understands these rules, as well as other rules that may be applicable.
    5. If you have any questions, please contact our service channel at
    1. The data collected by LEAG GROUP are those provided directly when the LEAG GROUP Account is filled out, in addition to some data regarding the User's interactions and the activities they perform on the platform.
    2. The data we collect depends on the interactions within LEAG GROUP, the subscription plans and the hiring of a Network Administrator and LEAG GROUP S.A. or the hiring promoted directly by the Users on the platform.
    3. LEAG GROUP Users agree to the completion and/or collection of registration data when registering LEAG GROUP Account or User registration, among them, but not limited to address, telephone number, e-mail, gender, date of birth, personal document number, IP, etc.
    4. The so-called sensitive personal data will not be requested from the individual User.
    5. LEAG GROUP Users agree and consent to the processing of the data collected. Thus, LEAG GROUP Users authorize automated or non-automated processing of their data, among them, but not limited to IP, date and time of access to the platform, actions and interactions occurred in the platform, etc.
    6. LEAG GROUP will keep the access records, under secrecy, in a controlled and security environment, for at least 6 (six) months, in case there is a judicial request for the submission of such history.
    7. The LEAG GROUP Users give their express consent for LEAG GROUP to request the updating of their registration data at any time.
    1. All personal and registration data of Users at LEAG GROUP are stored in a database restricted and accessible only to qualified persons, as well as subject to the contractual obligation of secrecy and confidentiality.
    2. Furthermore, LEAG GROUP adopts mechanisms to protect the User's registration data, consistent but not limited to the storage of encrypted data, SSL encryption of the browser, etc.
    3. LEAG GROUP is committed to observe the principles of purpose, adequacy, necessity, free access, data quality, transparency, security, prevention and non-discrimination of personal data of its Users.
    4. The data collected at LEAG GROUP will always be used for legitimate and legal purposes, informed in this Privacy Policy.
    5. The data collected can be used for the commercial operation of LEAG GROUP, and can be studied for the performance analysis of the platform, research and development of the work of LEAG GROUP S.A.
    6. LEAG GROUP may also use "Cookies" and navigation information to profile Users, map preferences, track information, monitor traffic, among others, even if you are not a registered User.
    7. In the same sense, the User authorizes LEAG GROUP to use his/her registration data to:
      1. provide services and/or products that will optimize your experience at LEAG GROUP.
      2. promote services and/or products by sending marketing messages, advertisements or other information of interest to Users.
      3. contact the User if necessary and at the discretion of LEAG GROUP.
      4. measurement and collection of information and may share the anonymized collected data with third party partners or service providers.
    8. In compliance with the deadline established in item 2.6, the information collected by LEAG GROUP in the exercise of its activity shall be excluded from the system at the end of the list of parties and as soon as its storage does not fulfil the purpose for which it was collected.
    9. Thus, at the end of the term of item 2.6, after the User or the one eventually empowered to do so (Administrator) close his/her LEAG GROUP Account, his/her data shall be definitively deleted from the database.
    10. It is necessary to warn that in case of suspension of a LEAG GROUP Account, either at the request of the Administrator, due to default or any other reason, the respective registration data remains stored in the LEAG GROUP database, in order to enable the reactivation of the LEAG GROUP Account without a new registration process.
    11. Users authorize the disclosure of their registration data in exceptional cases such as:
      1. upon request of the administrative and/or judicial authorities or for investigation purposes.
      2. when there is an allegation of legal violations; (iii) to protect the rights of LEAG GROUP S.A.
      3. to protect the rights of LEAG GROUP S.A., third parties or its own Users when there is suspicion of an attempt or configuration of a criminal offence.
    12. In the event of the use of the Users' data other than that provided for in this Privacy Policy, the data will always be anonymized, i.e., presented in such a way that they cannot be individualized or identify their holder.
    13. The anonymization process to be adopted by LEAG GROUP will efficiently ensure that the data cannot be associated directly or indirectly to an individual. The process of anonymization of data processing by LEAG GROUP is robust and cannot be violated by reasonable efforts.
    14. In order to guarantee the protection of your registration data and information related to the LEAG GROUP Account, the User shall never divulge your login and password.
    15. Likewise, Users should not share with each other confidential information such as passwords, credit card numbers or any other information that may be used for fraud.
    16. The payment of products and/or services offered on the platform presupposes the redirection of the User to the supplier's website/platform, so that the collection of financial data is never carried out within the LEAG GROUP.
    17. In the possibility of contracting services offered by LEAG GROUP itself, such as the use of advertising spaces and others, which may give rise to payment directly by the User, payment will not be processed within LEAG GROUP, but on external platform and third party payment, so LEAG GROUP does not store data of a banking nature of its Users.
    18. LEAG GROUP may make available the possibility of using LEAG GROUP Pages as a Member-User website, where eventual payment transactions may occur. The payment will not be processed under the LEAG GROUP, but on external platform and third-party payment, so the LEAG GROUP does not store banking data of its Users.
    19. Thus, the User is aware that LEAG GROUP S.A. has no responsibility in case of undue disclosure of its bank details, incurring in undue use of these and consequent damages.
    20. LEAG GROUP will provide, whenever requested, clear information regarding the criteria and procedures used for data collection.
    21. Should the User wish to list the information collected by the LEAG GROUP not accessible through the "LEAG GROUP Account" page or wish to update and/or correct the information provided, he/she may do so by contacting the service channel:
    1. LEAG GROUP Users who are Members of a Network are aware of the existence of previous private contracts between the Network Administrator and LEAG GROUP S.A. Therefore, the LEAG GROUP contractor for the use by the Members is the Network Administrator, as contractually established.
    2. This contract foresees the access to the LEAG GROUP functionalities to the Members, with the creation of its LEAG GROUP Page and the performance of several activities within the platform.
    3. One of the functionalities of the LEAG GROUP is to provide the Network Administrator with reports on the activities and performance of the Members, so that the Administrator can have access to quantitative performance data.
    4. These reports are made available to the Administrator in the area restricted to him on the platform and are generated systematically.
    5. Among the data to which the Administrator has access - and which is therefore stored in the LEAG GROUP system - are:
      1. groups in which the Network Member participates within the LEAG GROUP.
      2. list of Members within the Network with whom the Member has maintained communication within a given period.
      3. amount of contacts promoted with the Member per Visitor to the LEAG GROUP within a certain period.
      4. amount of return by Member of contacts promoted by Visitors to LEAG GROUP.
    6. What is intended to be collected and made available to the Administrator are quantitative data only in relation to the activities of the Members within the Network(s). Thus, the content of conversations and communications held privately between Members or in restricted groups of Members will never be made available to the Administrator or to any third party.
    7. The secrecy of the flow and content of communications from Members within the platform will be strictly observed - except by court order to the contrary.
    1. The User is aware that this Privacy Policy may be altered at LEAG GROUP S.A.'s discretion. at any time, agreeing that it is their responsibility to frequently check the Privacy Policy in force at the time.
    2. LEAG GROUP S.A. may inform Users of any changes at its sole discretion via e-mail or through communications on the platform itself. However, Users are advised to keep themselves updated.
    3. Should the User disagree with any changes to this Privacy Policy made by LEAG GROUP S.A. the User may immediately stop using its services, without any burden to the parties.
    4. For Administrators who have signed specific contracts with LEAG GROUP S.A. any termination resulting from changes to these Terms shall comply with the terms previously agreed in a particular instrument.
    1. LEAG GROUP never sends links or e-mails to update registration data with executable files in extension (.exe, .com, .scr, .bat) or links to download.
    2. The LEAG GROUP may contain links to third and diverse platforms, if it considers them pertinent to its Users. The LEAG GROUP Privacy Policy does not apply to these third parties, nor does the LEAG GROUP have any responsibility or interference for the privacy practices, content or conduct of these third parties.
    3. In the event LEAG GROUP is acquired, sold, liquidated, or its owner company goes bankrupt, the personal information will be transferred to the buyer or management entity with the expectation of equal or greater privacy control for all personal information transferred.
    4. The User declares to be aware of all the privacy conditions now exposed, exempting LEAG GROUP S.A. from any responsibility in case of non-compliance with this Term by its Users or third parties.

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