LEAG GROUP is very concerned about the privacy and security of our Users' data, and has therefore adopted a series of measures to protect this information, as well as having a fully implemented data protection compliance program.

LEAG GROUP is headquartered in Switzerland and therefore operates under the Laws and Regulations of the Swiss Confederation, in particular under the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA).

Here we have summarized our Privacy Notice so that you can find the information more easily, but if you want to see the full text click on the region where you live below:


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There are a few things our Users need to know about the data we process:


1. How did your data get here?

We may collect and store User information from a number of sources:

- Through our website, in the contact us forms;
- By the User, when filling in a contact or content form on our website or browsing pages with cookie preferences activated in their browser;
- By using our tools and solutions, in which case we may be the controller or operator, in accordance with the Privacy Policies of each of them.

2. Why do we use your personal data that we process as controllers?

LEAG GROUP respects all the principles of data protection legislation and does not process data excessively or in a way that is incompatible with the proposed purposes. We may therefore process Users' personal data in order to:

- Identify and contact the User during the journey of using the platform;
- Perform the services for which the User uses our solution;
- Carry out anti-fraud controls;
- Customize the platform according to the User's profile and solution;
- Validate the User's identity and avoid security risks;
- Related to individuals: Presentation on the Company's own page on the platform;
- Related to Legal Entities when they identify a natural person: Identification in search engines and in the URL of the page on the platform.
- Login and registration validation on the platform, as well as a means of communication with the User for notifications of accesses, contacts and  interactions throughout the journey of using the platform. Also in the case of the telephone, it will be used as a means of contact in cases of default.
- Marketing actions, notifications on the program and news, informing about changes to our terms, services or policies. You agree to receive this type of content when you register, and you can opt out by clicking on the relevant button in each communication.
- Issuance of invoices for services provided by the platform.

3. How do we secure this information?

LEAG GROUP is very concerned about the security of your personal data. For this reason, it keeps the data provided on the platform in a secure environment, observing the size of the processing, by means of technical measures compatible with international standards and by encouraging the use of good practices, which includes the implementation of effective and widespread Information Security Policies.


4. Do we share data?

In order to provide the service with security and excellence, we may contract with certain operators, such as servers, electronic signature platforms and others. These partners are subject to LEAG GROUP decisions and we always set minimum requirements for contracts.


5. What is the right of the holder?

You have the right to request certain information and actions from the controller. We may not always be able to fulfill your request, but we will respond in all cases. These rights are listed in each Privacy Notice.


To make such a request, simply contact For your own security, we may carry out some identity checks before providing a response.


Find out more about the treatment in our Privacy Notices.



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